In this video I take you through a 7 minute ab workout. Train with me and we’ll do 45 seconds of each move and 15 seconds to get to the next position. You can do this ANYWHERE at anytime!

1. Straight Arm Russian Twist

2. Reverse Crunch

3. Legs Straight, Toe Touch

4. Knees up, Arms up. Roll Down Slowly

5. 3o Second Plank

6. Knee to Elbow (Spiderman Plank)

7.  3o Second Plank

8. Sit Up – One, Two Punch

9. Leg raise (with partner)

10. Back to back ball pass (with partner)

Ask your doctor about your training if you are unsure about your abilities. Drink plenty of water and ALWAYS stop exercising if you feel dizzy or faint.