I’ve always been such a fan of Liberty department store. It feels like a little magical wonderland set in Tudor times.  When I was offered to crawl under the heated bed in a room at the top of the famed black and white building, to experience a QMS bespoke facial, I purred like a kitten and practically licked my paws. Where better to transform yourself into a dream world and wake up feeling years younger.

The story behind the QMS Medicosmetics skincare range begins with a German Dr. Schulte, who worked in the field of trauma surgery. His world opened him up to being curious about healing wounds, and while he was able to reconstruct faces with surgery, he could not however cure the damaged and scarred skin. So he turned to science and went about re-introducing natural soluble collagens topically to aide the appearance of skin. This process is how QMS Medicosmetics was born.

Dr. Schulte isn’t on hand to give a bespoke facial at Liberty, but I had the next best thing: Nicole, a wise and wonderful skincare specialist suggested a bespoke facial for me, starting with the deep cleansing process. The QMS deep cleanser, is formulated without mineral oils or liquid paraffin and enhances dermal permeability. Next came the QMS exfoliant fluid, which is a peeling system of fruit acids and enzymes that dissolves the dead skin cells and stimulates new cell production without damaging the valuable barrier function of the skin. This stimulates cell regeneration, refines pores and improves skin structure. The algae mask was the next layer of sumptuousness, cooling and refreshing and once removed Nicole purified my face with QMS freshening tonic, to neutralise the skin’s PH level.

The following stage is one of the ranges most popular products Night Collagen. This gel is perfect for stimulating cell regeneration and repairs cell damage. Next, my favourite QMS products – Cellular Alpine (eye cream) and Cellular Marine (face cream) both inspired by the latest in plant stem cell research. Cellular Alpine harnesses the power of the Alpine Rose plant to create a rejuvenating cream specifically for reducing fine lines, crows feet, wrinkles and Cellular Marine contains stem cells from the plant tissue of the Sea Fennel. All rather scientific.

The last stage before you are cruelly woken up, is the Activator mask which is – to quote the brand- “Skin wellness in a bottle”. The perfect medicine for stressed and tired skin. The high concentration of Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen guarantees moisture and skin smoothness. With instant effects, this mask works wonders on jet lagged skin and signs of tired and stressed skin disappear and leaves a fresh and youthful appearance.

Last but by no means least, the OMS Neck And More cream is applied, which is the perfect solution in the fight against anti-ageing for the neck, décolletage and bust. So in a creamy, luscious, anti-ageing nutshell… QMS does it all. I walked away feeling years younger, tighter and smoother!

QMS facials are available at Liberty and GRACE Belgravia 

For more information visit http://www.qmsmedicosmetics.com/