I am so excited that it is almost time to launch my inaugural activewear collection: BODY BY BYRAM

I am so proud to share my activewear range with you all. I have spent years wearing gym gear both in and out of the gym, so I know what works and what does not work. I have created a beautiful line of activewear clothing which can be worn both in the gym, training outdoors or just to hang about in – most importantly it was created for you to feel good in.

My dream has always been to create a range of workout gear that would make women feel beautiful, strong and empowered, and not just when they are exercising. Personally, I feel my most comfortable and confident in activewear, in fact if I could host TV and walk the red carpet in it, I would be a happy girl! And I know I am not alone… women everywhere are finally embracing an active lifestyle and have shared their desire with me to feel good when working out.

Confidence is part of the battle and feeling good in your skin will show in your demeanour and your attitude and ultimately your personality will shine! I believe in empowering women through fitness and health and I believe in being strong not skinny.

Body By Byram was born after years of making mistakes both in how I trained and how I ate. I always believed that being skinny was the ultimate goal, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Finally, after years of being miserable, I got it right. I realised that a happy body came from a happy mind and started sharing with women young and old that “perfect” is a personal choice not something that should be dictated to you.

Of course, having a layer of armour to face the world is always helpful when it comes to being brave and strong and for most of us, what we wear is an extension of our identity. So what better way than to identify yourself than as a strong, beautiful, kick-ass woman.

And not just in the gym… I spend as much time in the pilates studio as i do in the weights section… I lift, I run, I box, I spin, I stretch and I need apparel, that can keep up with me. So I created a range that women can move in, train in and live in.

Body By Byram coming mid-November to Selfridges, selected Pamela Scott stores across Ireland and Arnotts in Dublin. Click here for more details.