Last night we had our first elimination of the series, and had to face the harsh reality that we would wave one of our wonderful celebrities goodbye. To be honest, I don’t think anyone was prepared to leave as they have only really just begun their journeys. But someone had to go and in the end, it was one of our more ‘colourful’ characters Hughie Maughan who had to hang up his dancing shoes and go home. 


Hughie started the series with a cha cha cha, which was critiqued by the judges, and he was told that he would need to put in the work to go further in the competition. Week two saw Hughie suffer a bronzing malfunction, as he ended up plastering himself in what seemed to be a can of Ronseal. Well, it does do what it says on the tin! Plagued with backlash, Hughie returned this week looking a few shades lighter, and even though he gave the Waltz his all, it wasn’t enough for the judges or the public.

It was so sad to say goodbye to him and his gorgeous dance partner Emily, as they were such a fun couple.

Let’s not forget the rest of the gang who are still safely in the competition.

Katherine’s hips certainly did not lie during her incredible Cha Cha Cha proving she was wrong to think  “Us Irish don’t know how to move our hips”. Kai seems to have trained her hips to move and shake enough to have the crowds cheering.

IMG_2012Cheeky chappie, Dayl, defied Brian’s request to not bring any hip hop moves to this week’s dance, however he and Ksenia started their Tango with some funky hip hop moves. Needless to say, Brian was not impressed, leaving Dayl with a 2 strike warning. What’s to happen if he gets a third…??

Aidan and Valeria’s quickstep was fast and fun, but the judges were a little more critical than they were of his last performance: the sizzling salsa. Not to worry Aidan, your hot pink pantaloons had the ladies in the audience clapping for more!

Dr. Eva was back with a bang and a foxtrot, after her fun performance last week left the judges a little disappointed. I think she was relieved and was in the mood to party, as last night marked 21 years to the day that she was in a labour ward with her son!

Des Bishop and Giulia, oh and Des’s jacket, brought the party vibes with their uplifting salsa… I was singing Club Tropicana all night long, in fact I’m singing it now! I’m looking forward to which game face he brings next week!

Teresa brought the girl power last night as she and John cha cha cha’d their way across the floor. Teresa is one determined lady who aims to grasp this opportunity with everything she’s got. 50 shades of Teresa? I can’t wait to see how many shades we get to see next week!

Thalia and Curtis brought the romance and the sensuality to the ballroom last night. I mean how much more beautiful can this girl get. Her long body and legs look like they belong on the dance floor, and you can see that she was determined to bring her A-game this week. Rumba is the dance of love and we all fell in love with her a little bit more last night.


Denise smashed her tango in the FACE! What a brilliant performance! The energy she and Ryan put into their rehearsals shows in the result. Passionate as the tango should be, she looked every inch the part and they got a deserved standing ovation for their efforts.

El Dancing Dessio… the matador. What a fantastic performance!! Des and Karen worked hard to perfect their routine. Des may not be the best technical dancer in the group, but by God what he lacks in dance skills he makes up for in his determination to learn and his showmanship. Keep it coming Dessie! We are loving it!

Aoibhin and Vitali powered through such a fun and happy quickstep which made everyone in the audience wanna laugh, clap, smile and boogie all at the same time. Vitali is a strict teacher and it paid off, not quite the 10-10-10 he was aiming for, but keep this up and soon it may be!

So, next week we will have to say goodbye, yet again, to another of our celebrities. Who will it be? Who raise the bar, and who will end up AT the bar???? Tune in next Sunday at 6.30pm to find out!

Until then……. Keep dancing!

IMG_2243A x

Photo credits: Stephen James O’Neill 

Dress: Amanda Wakeley 

Styling: Clementine MacNeice 

Jewellery:  The Design Yard and Om Diva Boutique

Hair and Make up: Paula Callan and Niamh O Connor at Callan & Co