Workout with TV presenter, Amanda Byram during a 10 minute all over body HIIT BLAST. 30 seconds work with 15 seconds between each exercise. Perfect if you are on your summer holiday and want get your daily exercise fix. You can do in no time at all. Do it every morning on your hols or even by the pool! If you were wondering, we shot this at The Body Camp, Ibiza.

You will need: Rope, mat, water bottle, chair/ surface to step up on.

We’ll be doing the following:

1. Squat Kicks
2. Skip
3. Step ups
4. Wall sit
5. Ab Leg raises
6. Knee Highs
7. Twisted plank
8. V-Sit Ab Tucks
9. Incline mountain climbers
10. Calf touch crunch
11. Plank touchers (chair or elbow)
12. Leg raises (abs)
13. Squat jumps
14. Lunge passes

Consult a doctor if you are unsure of what the right amount of exercise you should be doing. Remember to drink lots of water and always stop if you feel dizzy or light-headed.